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yobo体育app:SIST Research Team Has Achieved a Series of Excellent Progresses in Medical Ultrasound Bone Diagnosis and Treatment


Published:2019-02-01  Views:779

The research team led by Professor TA De'an and Academician WANG Weiqi, from the School of Information Science and Technology(SIST) and Institute of Biomedical Engineering, has achieved a series of excellent progresses in medical ultrasound bone diagnosis and treatment, which has promoted the clinical application to measure bone quality based on ultrasonic backscatter method.


The team broke through the difficulties of conventional ultrasound transmission and developed pioneering work on backscattered ultrasound, ultrasonic guided wave theory and low-frequency low-intensity ultrasound (LIPUS) for osteoporosis. The ultrasonic bone diagnosis and treatment system developed based on ultrasonic backscattering technique has been clinically applied in many hospitals, such as Zhongshan Hospital, Huashan Hospital, Pediatrics Hospital, etc., with more than 5,000 cases. At the same time, it has also been used in many universities, such as Alberta University and Shanxi Normal University. The team recently published a paper in Chinese Physics B (2019, Vol. 28 Issue (2)), which was one of three Highlight papers selected by the editorial office, and was published as Highlights of the journal website and the Featured Articles of the foreign cooperative publisher IOP Publishing.



The team won series of domestic and international achievements in medical ultrasound, such as the second prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of the National Ministry of Education, the second prize of Shanghai Natural Science and the “Excellent Product Award” of the 20th China International High-tech Fair. The team has recently received the National Major Research and Development Projects of Scientific Instruments from the NSFC: Multi-scale high-resolution multi-modal ultrasound bone imaging method and instrument development. In 2018, Professor Ta Dean was elected as the Vice President of the Acoustic Society of China. He is also a Chairman of the Biomed Ultrasound Speciality, ASC, and have made significant scientific contributions in the acoustic field.


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