LU Bingrui

Micro-Nano System Center

Professional Title:Associate Professor



Visiting Address:


Home Page:http://www.nanolith.fudan.edu.cn/

Research Interests

1. Electron Beam Lithography, Nanoimprint Lithography based micro and nano fabrication sciences and technology, and its applications

2. Nanofabrication based experimental nanophotonics researches on metamaterial/metasurfaces, 2d photonic crystals, SPR/LSPR etc.

Education and Working Experience

2001-2005 Fudan University, undergraduate study

2005-2010 Fudan University, Ph.D

2008-2009 Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, joint Ph.D program

2010-2012 Fudan University, Postdoctoral researcher on Biomedical Engineering

2012-2016 Fudan University, School of Information Science and Engineering, lecturer

2016-今      Fudan University, School of Information Science and Engineering, Associate Professor



book translation:《世界前沿科技探索丛书(青少版):纳米技术》 ISBN:9787547836538


1. Bingrui Lu, Jianan Deng, Sichao Zhang and Yifang Chen, Enhancing the conversion efficiency of spin-to-orbit angular momentum by nanoscale metasurface reconstruction,oral presentation, 61st International Conference on Electron, Ion, and Photon Beam Technology and Nanofabrication, May 30 - June 2, 2017, Orlando, FL, USA

2. Bingrui Lu, Jianan Deng, Li-Jin Gong and Yifang Chen, 24-bit/16 million structural true colors through extraordinary optical transmission of subwavelength Ag holes, oral presentation, 61st International Conference on Electron, Ion, and Photon Beam Technology and Nanofabrication, May 30 - June 2, 2017, Orlando, FL, USA

3. Bing-Rui Lu, Jianan Deng, Yifang Chen, Optical activity in visible frequency through free-standing layered metamaterials, oral presentation, ChinaNANO 2017, Beijing, China.

4. Bing-Rui Lu, Jianan Deng, Yifang Chen, Free-standing metasheets with opposite side metasurfaces by transmitted electron beam lithography, oral presentation, 43rd International Conference on Micro- and Nano Engineering, Sept. 18-22, 2017, Braga, Portugal


[1]. Lu, Bing-Rui; Xu, Chen; Liao, Jianfeng; Liu, Jianpeng; Chen,   Yifang, High-resolution plasmonic structural colors from nanohole arrays with   bottom metal disks OPTICS LETTERS 41(7)(2016): 1400-1403     


[2]. Lu, Bing-Rui, Li, Jin-Xing, Guo, Hong-Bin, Gao, Chen, Huq, Ejaz,   Qu, Xin-Ping, Chen, Yifang, Liu, Ran, Dielectric Fresnel zone plates on   optical fibers for micro-focusing applications, MICROELECTRONIC   ENGINEERING   88(8)(2011): 2650-2652  


[3]. Lu, Bing-Rui; Lanniel, Mathieu; Alexandar, Morgan; Liu, Ran;   Chen, Yifang; Huq, Ejaz, Surface stiffness modification by e-beam irradiation   for stem cell growth control, JOURNAL OF VACUUM SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY   B   29(3)(2011) 文献号: 030604  


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[6]. Lu, Bing-Rui; Zhou, Liang; Liu, Zhaoqian; Wang, Yuanyuang; Chen,   Yifang; Liu, Ran, Spectral Detection of Regenerated Silk Fibroin on a Two   Dimensional Metallic Photonic Crystal Based SPR Biosensor, 12th IEEE   International Conference on Nanotechnology (IEEE-NANO), Birmingham, ENGLAND,   AUG 20-23, 2012


[7]. Yang, Rong; Lu, Bing-Rui; Xue, Jing ; Shen,   Zhen-Kui ; Xu, Zhen-Cheng ; Huq, Ejaz ; Qu, Xin-Ping; Chen, Yifang; Liu, Ran,   Nanoimprint lithography for optic fluidics with phase gratings for   environmental monitoring application, MICROELECTRONIC ENGINEERING   87(5-8)(2010): 824-826


[8]. Li, Jin-Xing; Lu, Bing-Rui; Shen, Zhenkui; Xu,   Zhencheng; Li, Hui; Wen, Juanjuan; Li, Zhidong; Qu, Xin-Ping; Chen, Yifang;   Mei, Yongfeng; Liu Ran, Magnetic and meniscus-effect control of catalytic   rolled-up micromotors, MICROELECTRONIC ENGINEERING   88( 8)(2011):   1792-1794

[9]. Deng, Shao-Ren; Lu, Bing-Rui; Dong, Bi-Qing; Wan,   Jing; Shu, Zhen; Xue, Jing; Chen, Yifang; Huq, Ejaz; Liu, Ran; Qu, Xin-Ping, Effective   polarization control of metallic planar chiral metamaterials with   complementary rosette pattern fabricated by nanoimprint lithography

MICROELECTRONIC ENGINEERING   87(5-8)(2010): 985-988


[10]. Zhang, Sichao; Chen, Yifang; Lu, Bingrui; Liu, Jianpeng; Shao,   Jinhai; Xu, Chen, Lithographically-generated 3D lamella layers and their   structural color

NANOSCALE   8(17)(2016): 9118-9127

[11]. Lu, Bing-Rui; Qu, Xin-Ping; Liu, Ran;   Chen, Yifang; Wang, Yuanyuan, Direct metal nano-patterning on irregular   substrate surfaces by reversal imprint lithography, Proceedings -   International NanoElectronics Conference, INEC,2011, 4th IEEE International   NanoElectronics Conference, INEC 2011


[12]. Yu, Hang; Lu, Bing-Rui; Li, Hui; Li, Jian-Ying;   Liu, Ran, Fabrication of nanostructured hydrophobic surfaces with laser   interference lithography,  Advanced   Materials Research, v 815, p 457-464, 2013, Progress in Materials Science and   Engineering: ICMSE 2013

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