yobo体育app:Lecture by Dr. Yong Xu(Dongguk University), May. 5th



Planar-processed polymer transistor and its implication to transport exploration

Speaker:Dr. Yong Xu(Dongguk University)

Time and Date: 16:00- , May. 5, 2017

Place: Room 308, Genetics Building, Handan Campus




Conjugated polymers came to an unprecedented epoch that the charge transport is limited only by small disorder within aggregated domains. Accurate evaluation of transport performance is thus vital to optimizing further molecule design. Yet the conventional transistors routinely used cannot fulfill such a requirement. Here we show that the extrinsic effects of Schottky barrier, access transport through semiconductor bulk, and concurrent ambipolar conduction seriously influence device characteristics and, in turn, transport analysis. By contrast, planar transistors made by a process similar to that for classical Si MOSFETs exhibit unparalleled performance, with a record subthreshold swing of 85 mV/dec which is approaching the theoretical limit of 60 mV/dec at room temperature. Their ideal device characteristics enable us to illuminate the ambiguous operating principle of ambipolar transistors in which both of holes and electrons present simultaneously. More importantly, these planar transistors incorporating ohmic contacts and free of access transport and ambipolar conduction provide a great access to exploring the intrinsic charge transport in the promising donor-acceptor (D-A) copolymer semiconductors. It turns out that only those operating in low-field regime are reliable to reveal the intrinsic transport owing to energetic disorder lowering by lateral field.




徐勇博士现在是韩国东国大学能源与材料工程系助理教授。他于2008年和2011年在法国 格勒诺布尔国立理工学院微纳电子学专业获得硕士和博士学位,毕业后在日本国立物质 材料研究所(NIMS)继续了大约两年的博士后研究,之后加入东国大学成为助理教授。他 多年从事微电子器件的研究,尤其是有机和金属氧化物半导体晶体管,在器件制备、电 学特性表征、器件物理建模与仿真方面取得了一系列研究成果。迄今为止,已在微电子 器件领域的顶级期刊比如IEEE Electron Device Letters,Applied Physics Letters,Advanced Materials发表论文65篇(其中第一作者和通讯作者31篇),并长期作 为这些期刊的审稿人。2010年他获得了国家海外优秀自费留学生奖学金,于2014-2016 年他被IEEE Electron Device Society (EDL, TED)评为金牌审稿人。


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