yobo体育app:Lecture by Prof. Haitao Dai(Tianjin University), Apr. 10th



Improved photoelectrochemical property of the nanocomposite photoanode for water splitting

Speaker:Prof. Haitao Dai(Tianjin University)

Time and Date: 10:00- , Apr. 10, 2017

Place: Room 138, Physics Building, Handan Campus




The photocatalytic water splitting is emerging as one essential method for solar energy conversion and storage, utilizing semiconductor as both the light absorber and energy converter to store energy in the simplest chemical bond, H2. In this talk, we present series ZnO-based nanocomposite photoanodes, which incorporated with NiO, CdS and Ag nanoparticles respectively, with improved photon-electron converted efficiency and long-term stability. By tuning the shape of the decorated Ag nanoparticles, the photocurrent of the pohtoanode can be increased dramatically. Furthermore, by coating the CdS film on ZnO nanorod, the efficiency to harvest the solar spectrum will be improved. Experimental results also showed that the lifetime of the photoanode could be prolonged drastically by sandwiching the Ag nanoparticles between the ZnO nanorod and CdS film.






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