yobo体育app:Endeavor for developing new approaches to evaluate materials performance in service


 题目:Endeavor for developing new approaches to evaluate materials performance in service

报告人:Ben Jar, Ph.D., P.Eng. Professor,Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Alberta, Canada.

摘要:Mechanical property is one of the most important pieces of information for materials characterization, especially to evaluate their suitability for load-carrying applications. Although an extensive variety of standard methods are now available for establishing the relationship between mechanical properties and material performance, a pretty wide gap still exists for applying mechanical properties measured from coupon specimens to prediction of in-service performance. The main objective of my research is to develop new test methods to close this gap and to shorten the time for material evaluation in load-carrying applications.

This presentation will give examples from our recent studies on the needs of new test methods to evaluate material performance. The presentation will introduce two approaches in which coupon test results are directly used to evaluate material performance in service, of which one is for polyethylene (PE) and the other steel. The former is used to make gas and water pipes and the latter railway network. Although both types of materials are now widely used in their respective applications, the presentation will show that there are still needs of new methods to characterize their mechanical properties, not only to meet the application requirements but also to satisfy the academic curiosity. The presentation will also give a brief history about how I became interested in these areas and how I set the research goals to maintain interests from industries. The presentation will conclude by summarizing what we have learned from the studies and pointing out the future work that will benefit from research collaboration.

个人简介:加拿大机械工程师协会(CSME)会士,加拿大机械工程师协会年度最高学术荣誉G.H. Duggan奖得主。发表SCI期刊论文120篇,专业英文著作6部。是阿尔伯塔大学机械工程学院前研究生项目主任。